Driving Returns on Fleet Insurance™

Background & Key People

Innovators across InsureTech,

Data Science & Road Safety

Background & Key People


Mercurien - why now?

New technologies are changing the way that people, and organisations, own and drive vehicles. This is having a negative impact on the commercial motor insurance market’s appetite for risk resulting in increased premiums and the withdrawal of capacity.

We believe that these market conditions combined with our response, presents a genuine opportunity to pursue genuine change and profitable outcomes for insurers and end-clients.

The use of technology for proactive risk management is the right, and in our view, perhaps the only feasible response. Adopting risk management, with good practices and good behaviour is the key to unlocking new business; enhancing premium capture whilst reducing loss ratios

What we do

Mercurien is in the business of protecting an organisation’s human and fixed assets by enabling value creation through strategic information that will:

  • Increase safety and operational efficiency

  • Decrease risk, insurance premiums, claims and tax liabilities

How we do it

Our approach is to incorporate high fidelity data and analysis to price risk and provide proactive risk prevention services.

Key People


Michael Graham
CEO, Mercurien

Michael is an InsureTech innovator and responsible for the overall strategy of the group. Strong innovation experience in strategy, technology, FMCG, business turnaround, brand strategy and creating economic value.

Andrew Murrie
COO, Mercurien

Andrew is an innovative data-science and operations specialist. Responsible for the systems across Mercurien Insurance (underwriting) and BetterDriver/FleetRisk (risk identification & coaching, tax and fleet-optimisation).

Daniel Johnson
Non-Executive Director

Daniel has a significant track record in business development for start-ups within the insurance space. Has strong broker relationships critical to MGA success.

Peter Garret

Partner with Unsworth Legal, strong commercial and legal acumen.

Key executives

Duncan Ferguson
CEO, FleetRisk

Duncan is a road safety innovator who is responsible for overseeing strategy and commercial development. Human Factors specialist; engages with and contributes to road safety organisations such as ARRB/NRSPP, AfMA and IPWEA.

Paul Steiner
Head of Insurance, Mercurien Insurance

Paul is an experienced Insurance Professional with a strong business development background in, and expertise within, Insurance Markets, Underwriting, Management and Building MGA's.

Dr. Peter Beadle
CTO/Strategic Consultant

Peter has extensive experience with internet technology and location context aware systems dating back to the 1990’s.


Key advisors

Egbert Buchler
Advisor Strategy / Business Dev

Egbert has four decades of experience in corporate strategy, operations and business development. Former positions held: Global Head of Strategy and Transformation - SAI Global; Strategic Program Director - Swire Beverages; Director of Operations and Business Development APAC - the Coca Cola Company.

Kevin Forder
Advisor & Compliance

Director of INSEVO. Kevin is a financial compliance professional with over 20-years of insurance and reinsurance experience.

John Philips

Deputy CEO at Willis Re Australia. John has extensive experience across global capital insurance markets.

Lachlan Grant
Advisor & CFO

Partner and Head of Outsourced CFO at Vital Additions. Lachlan is our start-up finance expert and commercial advisor.