Background & Key People

Innovators across InsureTech, Data Science & Road Safety



Mercurien is an innovator in mobility telematics for driver risk management and motor insurance. Using best in class hardware and Australian designed and built software, Mercurien is the creator of the BetterDriver™ telematics system - The ‘In-Car Coach for At-Risk Drivers’™. The BetterDriver system includes a simple self-install data logger, Australian-based server environment to analyse and manage data and a web portal for real-time fleet review.

The BetterDriver system measures the quality of driving across parameters including braking, cornering, acceleration, speeding, length and time of journey, and specific geo-locations. This enables supervisors and drivers to understand the key factors for improving their driving. By implementing the BetterDriver Telematics solution organisations get to use a data driven approach for a safer workplace. 

Summary of benefits:

  • Greater WHS compliance,
  • Reduction to the tax burden via BetterDriver’s Class Rulings with the ATO for Fringe Benefits Tax Logbooks and Fuel Tax Credit rebates,
  • Fewer crashes (less insurance excess),
  • Less downtime,
  • Reduced fuel usage, and
  • Enhanced asset utilisation.

Key People

The management team is a combination professionals with expertise across the InsureTech, Data Science and Road Safety sectors. Having recently signed the binder agreement with Zurich Australian Insurance Ltd, we will shortly be in a position to announce the experienced and highly respected insurance professionals that we are delighted to have joining our team. If you're interested in being kept up to date with these announcements then a great way to do that is to follow us on twitter


Michael Graham
CEO, Mercurien


Michael is an InsureTech innovator and responsible for overall strategy relating to the Mercurien Group. 

Prior to forming Mercurien, Michael Graham was Managing Director of Landor Associates (Australia), a global marketing and brand development consultancy part of WPP Plc.

Michael's experience covers high-level management of professional services firms as well as marketing strategy and brand development in services, industrial markets and packaged goods in the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, China, Singapore, Korea, the United States and Australia.

Andrew Murrie
COO, Mercurien


Andrew is an innovative data operations specialist. His team provides the risk identification, tax and fleet-optimisation expertise behind the BetterDriver technology.

Andrew is primarily responsible for the data generated via Telematics and its integration, via the BetterDriver algorithm, into data analysis platforms for the purposes of identifying and reducing crash-risk and enhancing insurance pricing models.

Andrew has held several senior planning and development roles. With practical experience in the design and development of algorithms, in conjunction with a team of data scientists, Andrew has led the creation and ongoing development of the risk algorithms and safety analysis for clients.

Duncan Ferguson
CEO, FleetRisk


Duncan is a road safety innovator who is responsible for overseeing strategy and commercial development activities. He is a regular ‘thought leadership’ contributor the National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) and, at times, consults to the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB).

Duncan has over a decade’s experience in the cognitive neuroscience software sector, with a focus on its application to road safety. 

Prior to being in this sector, Duncan’s experience covered business development / client liaison activities in international commodity derivates markets; the design and implementation of risk mitigation strategies.