Driving Returns on Fleet Insurance™


Digital technology that helps protect

employees, managers and directors


Digitally transforming fleet operations

Our clients can opt to integrate FleetRisk with the fleetio fleet management platform; FleetRisk’s high-fidelity data feeding into the fleet management reporting system, leveraging the data to provide greater transparency across your fleet to drive operational efficiencies and streamline various compliance practices.

Key benefits:

  • transparency across safety and compliance

  • helps demonstrate ‘proactive duty-of-care’

  • streamlines admin whilst reducing operating costs


One source of fleet data: transparent and all available in the cloud

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Risk Services

Driver behaviour

Compliance is taken to the next level with our micro-learning video coaching approach; automatically recording delivery and time spent viewing each feedback video and whether the driver is making improvements.

Route mapping

Route optimisation; improving safety and saving time by helping organisations select the safest and most time efficient routes. Taking into account vehicle attributes, alternative routes, truck restrictions, bridge clearances, hazardous goods restrictions, weight restrictions, parking restrictions and much more.

Utilisation and lease over-runs

Ensuring that employees are driving the newest vehicles; those with the most recent safety features. Whilst providing the transparency needed to swap vehicles within the organisation to minimise/prevent expensive lease over-runs.


The accuracy of the monitoring and mapping functionality underpins our tax capabilities. Holding an ATO Class Ruling, our platform can be used to generate accurate and fully auditable records across:

Fuel Tax Credit analysis is conducted on a case-by-case basis. With no cost to the client until a refund is received by the ATO.

Should our clients require assistance we can deliver FBT reporting analysis; including full tax and project management.



Fleet administration, SAAS (optional)

Vehicle & licence inspections

Vehicle inspections: a critical yet often overlooked task. Our approach it makes it easier for employees to comply and for managers to track compliance.

Our approach also helps track licence renewals, a tool to help you ensure that employees have the proper certification for the types of vehicles they’re driving.


Poorly maintained vehicles leave employees, managers and directors exposed to unnecessary risk and increase vehicle downtime. Our approach means never missing critical maintenance tasks again. With complete inspection, maintenance and repair workflows, issues are identified and resolved early so that employees are driving safer vehicles. These automated, streamlined processes mean you can be more productive with less staff.


Ensure that vehicles are ready when they’re needed and know who is driving them.

Fuel Cards & accounting

Streamline your accounting practices whilst measuring and reducing your fuel costs. Integrated with FleetRisk’s fuel-burn-per-second data, you will:

  • know your fuel economy inside and out,

  • understand cost per Km for every asset, and

  • reduce fuel theft.