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Incident Checklist

Post-incident assistance




☎ Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Police, Ambulance & Fire, call 000


Incident Checklist

  • Check that everyone in the surrounding area, and the surrounding area is safe.

  • Names, addresses and contact details of any drivers, passengers or witnesses.

  • Registration numbers of all the cars involved.

  • A note of each vehicle's colour, make and model.

  • Photos of the scene showing the position of the vehicle.

  • Notes of anything unusual about the scene: weather, road or lighting conditions.

  • Photos and a description of any damage sustained to the vehicles.

  • Dashcam footage.

  • Notes or statements about injuries sustained.

  • Witness statements.

  • Everyone's insurance details.


Online Incident Checklist Form

You may not have a pen and paper handy, so this online form is here to help you accurately record all the necessary information.

Date of Incident *
Date of Incident
Month, Day, Year
Time of Incident *
Time of Incident
Your Name *
Your Name
Names, addresses and contact details
Of all vehicles involved
Colour, make and model
Of the drivers/vehicles involved
Anything unusual about the scene?
Weather, road and lighting conditions
If no witnesses, then just type n/a
If no injuries, then just type n/a
Photos and/or webcam
Can you provide any of the following? If so, then please send the file though to [email protected]
Description of any damage sustained to vehicles and surrounding property.
If you have it readily to hand