Zurich Mercurien Motor Fleet Insurance

Insurance with built-in added value



Light-commercial insurance
with built-in added value.

Australia’s first embedded telematics insurance for light commercial fleets; commercial & business passenger vehicle segment with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 3.5T or less. 

We're more than just another insurance product; our purpose is to deliver continuous value to our customers by meeting their commercial imperatives including safety, tax, costs and efficiency.

Policy Wordings & PDS effective 22nd June 2018

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The built-in added value

Safety / Risk-mitigation

BetterDriver™ is a telematics system for commercial fleets, born out of the realisation that telematics systems need to go beyond just being track and trace GPS devices. Telemetry data can be used to better manage driver behaviour.

Case studies prove that our approach produces sustainable improvements in driver-behaviour. A recent example showed that over a 2.5 year period our approach has helped a client reduce:

  • Speeding risk-events by ~ 50%,  
  • Number of at-fault insurance claims by > 50%


BetterDriver™ holds Class Rulings from the Australian Taxation Office for both Fringe Benefits Tax and Fuel Tax Credits.

Using the BetterDriver approach, we can deliver significant tax benefits by:

  • Reducing FBT liability, and
  • Claiming back Fuel Tax Credits;

On a success-fee contingency basis, we calculate the fuel tax excise credits owed to our clients, in some cases up to 4-years back.

Costs & Efficiency

Our approach lowers our clients' operational costs;

  1. Fewer crashes,
  2. Less downtime,
  3. Reduced fuel usage, and
  4. Enhanced asset utilisation.

Many fleets can expect a 12-22% decrease in their total cash cost of operation - tax benefits included.

Risk Criteria

Preferred Risk

The following are the risks by fleet type that Mercurien look to write:

  • Light Commercial Vehicles and Sedans up to 3.5T GVM.

Important Notice

Although a fleet may be outside of our insurance appetite, the FleetRisk service can still deliver significant safety, tax and cost benefits.