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Mercurien adds insurance to telematics offer


20th June 2018

The Australia-first technology will help insurance brokers deliver better value to clients, Mercurien says.

Mobile telematics company Mercurien has branched out into insurance, after securing the backing of Zurich Australian Insurance to offer what it says is an Australian-first to the market this Friday.

The company plans to build on its BetterDriver telematics technology to offer a new range of telematics-enabled, motor fleet insurance for drivers of vehicles weighing under 3.5 tonnes.

Mercurien already markets the BetterDriver technology to the market through its FleetRisk platform, helping companies to cut the cash costs of their operation by helping assets to be used more efficiently and with less downtime.

The insurance offering will use BetterDriver’s insights around fleet safety, risk and taxation outcomes to help insurance brokers deliver better value to their clients, the company says.

Company chief operating officer Andrew Murrie says its telematics system was designed with the fleet manager and operator in mind.

"We saw the issues with Fringe Benefits Tax, the opportunities for Fuel Tax Rebates and we applied for and hold Class Rulings with the ATO for Fringe Benefits Tax Logbooks and Fuel Tax Credit rebates ensuring users comply with the relevant Act," he says.

"The result is a lower cost, lower risk fleet."

Mercurien CEO and Co-Founder, Michael Graham told ATN  the company would bundle its BetterDriver technology with its new insurance offer.

 "It’s a direction we have been heading for years, but there is a huge degree of conservatism in the insurance industry," he says.

"The Workplace Safety and Duty of Care regimes are tightening everywhere and we think that there is a great opportunity for insurers to work with data to create the future of insurance."