Driving Returns on Fleet Insurance™


Risk Services: reducing crash-risk
and boosting bottom-line
financial performance


Reducing crash-risk and boosting bottom-line financial performance



FleetRisk is the risk services arm of the Mercurien Group. FleetRisk gets embedded into Mercurien Insurance products, however can also be delivered as a stand-alone service.

FleetRisk is suitable for clients who are seeking to proactively manage their fleet operations and safety practices. Our approach has an established track record for:

  1. reducing the frequency and severity of at-fault claims,

  2. improving financial bottom-line performance. Most clients can expect to see a 12-22% reduction in their total cash cost of operations; tax benefits included.

For more information visit the FleetRisk website →

Year-round proposition

There’s no need to wait until renewal season to start talking to FleetRisk. The best time to start improving safety and productivity is now. So, if you’re an end-client, or a broker seeking risk services to help their clients, contact us today.


Insurance-grade telematics

FleetRisk is the best driver-behaviour modification approach available because it’s powered by ‘insurance-grade’ telematics and a methodology to coach drivers at scale. Click on the LMI Group Insurance Bites image below to launch their interview with FleetRisk.

(N.B. Special report. Currently under embargo, due for release late afternoon 19th June 2019)

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