Driving Returns on Fleet Insurance™


Mercury, Roman god of

merchants, travellers,

transporters of goods, and


Why now

New technologies are changing the way that people, and organisations, own and drive vehicles. This is having a negative impact on the commercial motor insurance market’s appetite for risk resulting in increased premiums and the withdrawal of capacity.

We believe that these market conditions combined with our response, presents a genuine opportunity to pursue genuine change and profitable outcomes for insurers and end-clients.

The use of technology for proactive risk management is the right, and in our view, perhaps the only feasible response. Adopting risk management, with good practices and good behaviour is the key to unlocking new business; enhancing premium capture whilst reducing loss ratios.

The story behind the name

Mercury; Latin: Mercurius is a major god in Roman religion and mythology.

He is the god of:

  • merchants,

  • travellers,

  • transporters of goods, and

  • communication

Merchants, travellers and transporters of goods. Exactly the type of people we protect today.

The story behind the logo

Mercury is often depicted as having wings on the tips of his helmet and sandals. Our logo is an abstract representation of these wings.