Drivers come with habits – and whether for good or bad, these habits have an effect on the safety, costs and profitability of your fleet.

In addition to drivers’ habits, Fleet Management is becoming more and more complex. Changes to WH&S Legislation have placed Fleet Managers in a position where the proactive safety management of the fleet is the first priority.

Today, fleet management goes much further. The impact of FBT changes, fuel cost increases and complex usage policy means that fleet management now interfaces with tax, human resources and finance functions in unprecedented ways. It is a multi-disciplinary role where the real time demands on fleet managers have outstripped the ability of current systems to keep pace.

Reporting on fleet usage every 30 days is simply no longer good enough.

Today’s professional Fleet Managers want real time data to answers the questions that are often asked of them:

  • What is the utilisation of our fleet?
  • Are we overpaying FBT?
  • Is usage policy being adhered to?
  • Which drivers need re-training?
  • Where are the vehicles at the end of the day?
  • Did my drivers spend the time on site that they claim?
  • How will I know if there is a crash and where it happened?

With analysis of almost 1million kilometres of driving in the data set we have insights into vehicle usage in organisations in three states of Australia across profit and not-for profit sectors.

We use those insights to deliver a lower-risk, lower-cost fleet with trip-by-trip measurement of safety, utilisation and FBT

Next Generation Solution

Risk_75x75BetterDriver delivers a real-time practical solution to reduce risky driving behaviour, improve productivity and reduce costs.

Using an innovative telemetry-based in-vehicle device, we capture driving time, distance, location, route and behaviour. We process trip data in real-time to provide instant in-vehicle feedback, web-based supervisor reporting and mobile alerts for at-risk events.

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The Difference

Skymeter_75x75BetterDriver has been specifically designed for measuring, monitoring and changing driver risk behaviour.

Our core strengths relative to other providers are our accuracy when using multiple sensors, security and encryption, privacy settings, real time transaction data management and easy to use web reporting.

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It all starts with getting devices into your fleet and measuring the change to your fleet.

If reducing risk, increasing productivity or reducing costs are on your agenda, then BetterDriver is worth a try.

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